Providing the best in radiology services

Affinity Medical Imaging has been established to improve accessibility to essential services for Wellington by a like-mind group of medical professionals.

We deliver precision and clarity, through both applied medical imaging and diagnostic expertise; to interpret and report our findings back to your doctor.

Need an MRI, Xray or CT scan near you? Our X-ray, CTMRI, Ultrasound services are easily accessible from anywhere in Wellington . We operate as an integrated group providing an experience in which our patients are very much part of team Affinity.

Our entire team is focused on providing seamless and excellent health progress for you. Our radiologists and imaging professionals are wholly aligned in our philosophy of care. That’s why we chose the name Affinity.

We operate a holistic and integrated approach, making it easy and informative for all, providing a wrap-around care model in which your GP, technician, radiologist link up in a comprehensive provision of health services.

Local radiology heroes

Our diagnostic service lives by our Affinity name and we understand what it’s like to be a patient too. 

We have the specific aim of providing an equitable service that improves outcomes for all Wellingtonians.

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Located near you

Affinity's service is personal and local, and we intend staying this way.

Our new sites in Boulcott, Lower Hutt, and Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville provide a convenient service Wellingtonians, as well as for central-city dwellers. As an even greater plus, both sites have plenty of parking available, not something that's often easy to find in Wellington! Both our sites have easy access for wheelchairs.

Find out more about our locations here.

Part of 'team you'

Affinity Medical Imaging team are warm-hearted and informative – we firmly believe this is in our patients' best interests.

Our team are professionals and at the top of their field, yet always remain compassionate.. We align to the highest standards expected by knowledgeable doctors and health professionals, exceeding the requirements of industry best-practice.

Affinity Medical Imaging — proudly Wellington.