Register for PACS account to access patient images and reports at the following REGISTER FOR AFFINITY PACS

Within 48hrs you will receive confirmation of your login details along with our ‘Registration & Security Agreement’ which should be signed and returned.

Note – please register your mobile number to receive an SMS notifying you when results are ready to view.



A. Inteleviewer can easily be installed on any computer. Many referrers use this method already and if installed, just add a bookmark for Affinity Medical Imaging by    copying and pasting the following to the ‘Bookmark Tab’ on the Inteleviewer Login Screen. 

B. Inteleconnect: This is a lightweight (free) version of Inteleviewer that can be displayed within your internet browser (mobile or desktop).  AFFINITY@INTELECONNECT  
C. Email - We can send by direct email a PDF report (without images). 


Results will be sent to your practice electronically via EDI message within 24-48 hours depending on the urgency of the request.  Affinity's EDI is amedimag

To discuss your patients imaging, please contact our team at any time to talk to a Patient Care Coordinator or one of our Radiologists on 04 978 8600



A. Completed e-Referral Forms can be emailed to [email protected]   Download Referral Form
B. Paper referrals can be given to patients; to request a paper referral pad please contact us by phone 04 978 8600 or email [email protected]
C. Affinity can receive referrals from the following Patient Management Software applications:

         Medtech: BPAC- Best Practice Radiology Form

         Easily refer your patients to Affinity quickly using the BPAC form within Medtech. Contact us for information if you do not have this option enabled. 

         Medtech and Indici: SR Specialists and Referrals Form

         Click the SR button in Medtech to find Affinity Medical Imaging and refer electronically 

         Incisive SPM

         You can easily add Affinity's electronic referral form within the Setup, Forms option under Imaging. 

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