SPECT/CT is a scan that combines Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) with Computer Tomography (CT).  It uses a radiotracer injected into the body and detects this as it is distributed throughout the body.  It is a type of Nuclear Medicine (NucMed) test. Our modern Siemens SPECT/CT scanner efficient and accurate. Noting scans can take from 30mins to several hours.

What to expect

Before your SPECT/CT

An appointment for a SPECT/CT comes after we recieve a referral from your doctor. Either yourself or your health professional can book this through our simple online form or by phone.

You will be advised if there are any special pre-scan preparations you may need to carry out before you visit our radiology sites. These may include:

  • A pre-appointment blood test (often to check kidney function)
  • Drinking an extra amount of water
  • Take your usual medications OR avoid certain medicines (you will be advised)
  • Fast (i.e. not eat)

Arriving for your SPECT/CT

Depending on your exam you may be emailed a consent form to complete before your appointment, or your medical imaging technologist will guide you through the whole process once you arrive. 

You are welcome to bring a support person, who, as well as providing moral support, may be useful in helping you move or undress.

Before the scan we will ask you to change into a gown in a private area and the provide you with somewhere safe for your belongings.

During your SPECT/CT scan

Our technician will position you on the SPECT/CT bed and attempt to provide a pleasant experience throughout the scan. They sometimes leave the room briefly while the scan is in progress, but you always have immediate contact with them through an intercom and viewing window.

Keeping still is important to optimise image clarity, and technicians will make you as comfortable as possible - there may be multiple positions required during the scan.  Any difficulties in lying flat, in controlling pain or avoiding claustrophobia should be discussed before the SPECT/CT scan is carried out.

The length of time required for your scan depends on the type of images required, you will be advised of this when booking.

Nuclear medicine images are acquired by detecting a radiotracer, depending on your test this may be injected through a small needle into a vein or in other cases given orally.   

We also need to know if you are, or think you could be, pregnant or breast/chest feeding

After the SPECT/CT

There are sometimes multiple components to your test, whereby you may need to return on the same day or even several days thereafter for further imaging.

There shouldn’t be any after-effects from the scan, but we recommend drinking plenty of water to flush your system. Otherwise after the scan you can resume normal activities including eating if you were asked to fast before the examination.

Your images are interpreted by our team of expert radiologists, and we send a detailed report to your doctors as soon as possible. The findings and next steps in your diagnosis and treatment then take place following a discussion with your doctor.

If you would like a copy of your SPECT/CT images, please ask our Reception team before you leave.

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  • You will be provided with a full estimate of the examination fee when you book
  • Specific regions may incur different or additional costs and there may be the need to use contrast.
  • Southern Cross and all other insurance members are welcomed


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You will need a referral from your GP or Specialist for this service. 

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