radiology services that are part of 'team you, neAR YOU'.

Affinity Medical Imaging was established by a team of doctors in 2022 in order to improve accessibility to essential radiology services for the Wellington region. We saw the strains on both the public and private system and knew we could help ease the pressure by building more medical imaging capacity for the region. We wanted to help people get faster access to medical imaging and saw the need to reset the status quo in Wellington’s Radiology market.

In early 2023 we began building our team and opened our first location in the stunning Verve building on Connolly Street, central Lower Hutt. Our second location is planned to open in mid 2023 in Johnsonville, Wellington. We know there is a huge need to provide more radiology to Wellingtonians, so our group will continue to expand into the wider region in order to improve access to our services.

Our group of Radiologists, Medical Imaging Technologists, Sonographers and Administrative staff is continually growing as more colleagues join us from around the region. All of our employees have extensive experience in Radiology and Healthcare, acting as an integrated team in partnership alongside your GP or Specialists. We pride ourselves in being a wonderful place to practice radiology for our employees.

Our X-ray servicesMRI scans, Ultrasound scans and CT/CAT scans are locally-based, providing regional choice for our clients and doctors. We operate as an integrated group providing an experience in which our patients are very much part of team Affinity.

We believe in an equitable, accessible model - which works in the service of everyone.


Affinity Medical Imaging — Radiology for Wellington

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